Included with eCos are graphical and command-line tools for the configuration of eCos on all host platforms. These are intended to be used in conjunction with GNU development tools. As a minimum, the gcc compiler, gdb debugger and binutils tools are required to build eCos, link with application code and undertake debugging.

There are no license charges for the GNU open source development tools including the GCC C/C++ compiler and GDB source level debugger.

The host tools are available for both Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The Linux-hosted tools are tested under recent versions of the Debian, Red Hat, and SuSE distributions for x86 and should work under most Linux variants. The Windows-hosted tools have been tested under Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional and Windows NT4. The eCos host tools are no-longer tested or supported on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME.

eCosCentric has contributed a set of pre-built toolchains for all the major architectures to the eCos community. These are provided with the eCosPro Developer's Kit and the eCos 2.0 CDROM. They are also available for free download.

For developers who prefer graphical tools for all their embedded development, eCosCentric provides the Eclipse integrated development environment as a component of the eCosPro Developer's Kit.

Host based Tools
Compiler Toolset
GCCIndustry standard GNU C/C++ compiler toolchain. Includes compiler, assembler, linker, debugger and additional utilities.
Integrated Development Environment
Eclipse/CDT* Industry standard graphical IDE for C and C++ development
Debug and Analysis Tools
gprof/gcov*Profiling and code coverage analysis tools
MDD*Memory Allocation analysis and debugging tool
Configuration and Administration tools
GUI configuration toolGraphical configuration and administration tool
configtoolCommand line configuration tool
ecosadminCommand line package administration tool - add and remove packages from the eCos runtime repository
MiscellaneousROMfs builder, network; serial and other test tools, ecoflash, and so forth.

* Additional or enhanced functionality only available in eCosPro Developer's Kits
** Optional add-on to eCosPro Developer's Kit

In-depth technical descriptions of the runtime functionality are available in the online eCos documentation.